Paperwallet is a socially conscious company, making innovative and eco-friendly 
Tyvek products that display original art created by worldwide artists.
In 2012 i was assigned as an Art Director for the company which already had massive
sales and a well known brand, specially in the US.
I was responsible on curating artwork, designing packages, redesign the website,
creating capsule in-house collections and marketing materials such as
booth’s design, displays, catalogs and more…

The Pattern Series
Creating a limited edition collection of original pattern inspired wallets,
the series sold out and some of the designs are still listed as most wanted at online shops.

Ai Weiwei Collaboration

As an official collaboration with the famous artist Ai Weiwei,
i was requested to design two limited edition wallets showing his most famous artwork.

Paperwallet Pop Up Shop

As a special event we collaborated with “Casino San Remo” in Tel Aviv,
making a popup shop hosting artists that created live artwork on the product.​​​​​​​

Other designs and promotional content

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