Branding & Visual Identity design for Gankster
Gankster is a gaming platform used by thousands of competitive gaming teams across titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, and Dota 2.

Integrated deeply into each game, Gankster enables competitive teams and players to find and post scrims, form teams (LFP/LFT), and connect with other teams.
After their first seed round, the company needed a new brand logo, visual identity and a website that will show Gankster's gaming tool as the professional platform it is and not like a game, but still using the gaming industry style and language.

The Logo
Starting with the logo we wanted a simple icon, so simple that making it unique was a hard mission, after hundreds of sketches, we came up with a "ghost" shaped creature,
it had the character we needed, it was stealthy, smart and competitive just like a good e-sports player.
By researching and exploring the games supported by Gankster,
i found that iconography and elements from these games can inspire a new tailor made icons
for the company to work as badges, awards and abilities just like in games.
the website was created using Figma and Elementor on a wordpress platform,
the hero section acts as a quick portal to the platform itself by showing the game
selection buttons first after the main title.
Check it out:

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