ima platform is a design-to-code platform for designers and developers. Anima translates Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch designs into developer-friendly Vue, HTML, and React code.

In my position as Product Design Lead i was in charge of the plugin and all other plugin related templates for promotional purposes.
After launching the latest update of Anima, i wanted to highlight the new chart widget within the Figma plugin.
For that purpose, I have created a prototype for Figma community that includes variants of all chart options, complex components, and a live preview page.
The purpose of this file is to allow designers and product managers to play with ready-made live components directly within Figma and save time and effort when creating a dashboard for their product.
It's been nominated and featured in Figma Community with over 1600 duplications by users, and made an impact on the number of new paying users of Anima's plugin.

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